Irinis Street: The Limassol Street where time has stood still!

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In the heart of the Limassol city center, you may find yourself passing through a street that appears to have been taken straight out of a different era. In fact, it could be said that on Irinis Street, a much frequented road for Limassolians, time has stood perfectly still.

Irinis Street was declared a preserved street early on, which means that any construction or development in the area must be consistent with its authentic character. As such, it is one of the few neighborhoods in Limassol today which has maintained all its original architectural character to the utmost degree.

The street is also known as the ‘Maratheftogeitonia,’ or ‘Marathasa neighborhood,’ as it was once the street upon which wealthy traders from the villages of Marathasa and Pedoulas built their stately homes. The signs of wealth can be seen in the architecture of the many imposing buildings that line this grandiose street. Built out of stone, and featuring the characteristic arched doorways, ornate carvings and narrow, wrought iron balconies typical of Colonial homes, the buildings of Irinis Street are truly a sight to behold.

A narrow, tree-lined park is located towards the start of the road, with benches for visitors to sit under the shady foliage and admire the surrounding buildings, feeling as though they have taken a trip through time, to a grand Limassol of decades past. At the far end of the street, a proud Araucaria tree stands tall, a tree typically seen in Limassol as it coniferous tree native to seaside areas.     


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