In Limassol, you can eat your steak, while it is being cooked on your plate!

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If you are a meat lover, you know that it is rather difficult to find the chef that makes your steak exactly the way you want it. It could be overcooked (or — even worse — burned), or it could be almost undone. Before you decide to go into the kitchen yourself and start cooking, in Limassol you have the option to cook your meal in your own plate, the way you like it best.

This is a rather popular option abroad — especially in the USA — with special stones, that are heated in up to 300 Celsius degrees, so that the meat is served on them. This trend is the latest arrival at The Wine Bar, at Makarios Avenue in Limassol, a venue that already stands out for its environment, as well as the excellent collection of wines.

The dish that is served on the hot plate, is a 250-gram bon fillet, accompanied by oven-baked potato ans snow peas, as well as 2 options of sauce, mustard or bearnaise sauce. The stone remains hot for around 1 hour, while the first half hour is perfect for properly cooking your steak (which arrive on the table completely raw). Thus, you can enjoy different styles of cooking in one serving, especially if you decide to share your meal with someone with different taste.  

Even if a whole hour passes, without finishing your meal (which is very rare with such a selected piece), those who know best will confirm that the meat will not be overcooked.