A Limassol village, turned into a real-life photo album!

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It is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved villages of the Limassol countryside, with picturesque, pebbled alleys, colourful, wooden doors and flowering pots everywhere. But what makes it more special than all the other villages is the fact that it has been turned into a real life photo album.

Dozens of photos of the village history have been adorning the streets of beautiful Laneia since 2011. All residents, responding to the call of the community council, offered photos of family moments or other important community milestones, in black and white and color, and after a careful selection, the most interesting and historical ones were placed on the walls of Laneia.

Photos of the School, the village football team and the means of transportation (from donkeys to the public bus) from the start of the previous century offer a glimpse into the historical course of the village. The most characteristic of these images is the group photo of the village residents at the end of the construction of the village bridge in 1894. The image can be found at the entrance of the village and in the past years has become an emblem of sorts.