In Limassol, first they teach you how to pilot a drone and then they may even give you 1 for free!

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The first official DJI Drones store in Cyprus opens in Limassol on April 1st with a large, interactive party that will include music, lottery and a live flight and shooting test with a drone. With accredited instructors by your side, you, too, can send your own drone safely in the sky.

Those attending the opening, apart from the chance to pilot a drone in a natural, open space, can also participate in the lottery giving away 11 gifts of total value of €8300. The lottery gifts include the drone Phantom 4 Pro, worth €1700, the Mavic worth €1200, 3 Phantom 3 standard, worth €600 each, as well as 2 drone remote pilot licenses, worth of €300 each and 4 drone remote pilot certificates, worth of €250 each.

The first licensed drone training center in Cyprus, Cyprus Drone Academy by S & M Photoshine Ltd is now based in the store, providing specialized aerial photography and cinematography courses, with experience both on the ground and in the air. The store is located at Miltonos 93 and the opening will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nikolaidis.

Contact Number: 99661662
email: [email protected]

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