Ilektrika Idi: A unique time-machine of a hangout for any time of day, in the historical center of Limassol!

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The Saripolou Square area is famous for its hangouts that are great for drinks, dining, and entertainment throughout the day. The venue Ilektrika Idi (Electrical Supplies) is also located there, housed in the gallery of an old shop, offering visitors a space where they can enjoy memories from days gone past, as well as a menu with modern flourishes.

Having preserved the image of the original shop, with its characteristic, old shop windows and metal shutters, this space appears to be taken straight out of the 1950s. The little tables on the pedestrian path, the benches within the gallery, and the area within the shop all contribute to the relaxing, vintage atmosphere.

The menu offers coffee and juice drinks, and also features a range of cocktails for later in the evening. It is the food and dessert menu, however, that is the true showstopper, as it boasts hearty and original sandwiches, salads and sweet temptations inspired by Cypriot traditions, and are all available for an all-day brunch.

Address: Hadjiloizi Michalidi Street

Contact number: 25 763503