Iacovides Residence: The revival of a gem of a building in Limassol that opens its doors to the public for the first time!

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One of the most characteristic buildings of Agiou Andreou Street, the Iacovides Residence is a real work of art, synonymous with the classic beauty of the historical center of Limassol. It is the symbol of an era where the prosperity of the city’s merchants was reflected in the elegance of the buildings in which they lived.

There are two buildings belonging to Panayiotis Iacovides on Agiou Andreou Street, on the northern side of the road, a few meters from the Agia Napa church. The latter of these (next to the Bank of Cyprus building), is the most impressive, with ornately decorated windows, balconies, doors and a cornice on the ceiling. The great merchant’s home was located on the first floor of the building, while his textiles shop operated on the ground floor.

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To this day, the ground floor continues to operate as a commercial space (now selling souvenirs). The first floor, however, had remained closed for decades, after it was no longer used as the family home. In the 1990s, a young Iranian who was also in the textiles business, rented this floor for his company’s offices.

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It is a building that inevitably attracts the attention of passers-by, however it was never open for free visits. This changed in the spring of 2021, when the tenant’s wife, the art-loving Sanaz, saw the potential of turning the space into a unique gallery of contemporary art.

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The high-ceilinged room, the decorated floor, and the baroque details of the old mansion became the ideal canvas for presenting the simple yet impressive works of art. The contrast highlights both the space and the exhibits, and this gem of a building has officially acquired a museum-like quality that invites the public to discover its treasures.

The building’s use may have changed significantly, but by giving it a new life, this exquisite architectural marvel continues to live on today and preserve its memories. This may even be a continuation that would satisfy the architect Zacharias Vondas, an artist himself and the creator of this and several other historic mansions in the city.

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The collection of the gallry includes useful art by Perl D' Orient, with eastern influences, traditional patterns and contemporary material.

Gallery 45 - Contact details
Address: Agiou Andreou 45
Contact number: 97 901106

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