'I Folia tou Drakou:' A little tavern 20 minutes from Limassol, with a breezy courtyard and delicious kleftiko!

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For decades, it was the village coffee shop. But when the little shop was passed down into the hands of the new family generation, it took on a new life and became a beloved hangout for food, just outside of Limassol.

‘I Folia tou Drakou’ is a meze tavern created by two young people with a respect for tradition and a passion for authentic Cypriot flavors. From the delicious kleftiko to the zucchini with eggs, zucchini meatballs and marinated chicken kebab, you will find plenty of meze dishes here to accompany with local wine, beer or zivania.

Don’t opt out of sampling the delicious syrup sweets or mahalepi for dessert, especially when the weather is nice and you can enjoy them in the garden.

Address: Pentakomo
Contact number: 99 820641