How the rebirth of an abandoned village in Limassol stemmed from a pomegranate plantation!

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Costas Violaris had his life mapped out as a farmer, though he was somewhat of an artist deep down (hence his musical last name), and though he had a certain degree of business acumen (as he discovered along the way). Of course, people can always choose to take a different path, and Costas’ innate ability to create became the driving force behind this change.

Today, in addition to a farm bearing a variety of crops, Costas Violaris is also the proud owner of an active production line making fresh juices, as well as one of the first and most renowned agrotourism complexes in Cyprus. Agrovino Farms was borne out of one person’s endless desire to experiment and dive boldly into the unknown, giving life to ideas that may or may not have been considered completely reasonable.

Having experienced the difficulty of living off the earth, Costas learned early on that ‘if you depend on others to make a profit, you will always be in the red.’ And so, when the citrus fruits and crimson pomegranates on his farm were picked over and losing value due to having even the slightest abrasions, he decided to utilize their delicious, nutritious juice and offer it to the public himself, without any intermediaries. And just like that, the sweet, crimson pomegranate juice became one of the most beloved, refreshing drinks found at kiosks and grocery stores.

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Beyond the farm, however, Costas found inspiration among the ruins of his wife’s village, Lofou. The village, which had been almost completely abandoned, fascinated him with its architecture, and he did not pass up the opportunity to renovate his wife’s home, in which he set up a welcoming tavern, Lofou’s first in many years. “The village did not even have suitable access for buses, but when the tavern began gaining in popularity, the Community President and I worked together to fix the roads,” Costas explains.

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Very soon, accommodation was built near the tavern for anyone who could not get enough of the village with just a day trip. A few years later, Lofou became one of the most popular agrotourism destinations on the island, with Costas and his colleagues being the pioneers of agrotourism promotion.

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Today, Agrovino is proof that there are no limits to imagination, passion, and creativity. These traits will guide people, and lead to beautiful creations along the way. The tavern, the accommodation, and the bar, where you will find all the products made from Costas’ farm, is certainly the most welcoming, authentic, and delicious proof of this development.

Contact number: 25 470202