Horse riding

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The proud gallop of a horse, and the power and freedom one feels while riding makes up a whole new way to discover Limassol and exercise at the same time. 

On the outskirts of Limassol, there are several riding schools and centers that undertake training and touring of riders, children and adults, both beginners and experts.


This is a one-of-a-kind experience, offering both unique views from a different vantage point, as well as the added benefit of a unique connection with the horse itself. After all, the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding are well documented, whilst it also makes for great exercise.

The coastline of western Limassol, such as Curium and Avdimou, are great for beachside horseback riding, while rides in the semi-mountainous areas are also just as idyllic. 

Riding schools and centers:

Amathus Park Riding & Livery Club (Parekklisia):
Contact number: 99 604109

Velizar Equestrian Center (Parekklisia):
Contact number: 96 534903

Ippos Equestrian Facility (Parekklisia):
Contact number: 99 681409

Ponderosa Horse Ranch (Parekklisia):
Contact number: 99 224709

Moutagiaka Ranch (Mouttayiaka):
Contact number: 99 437515

YG Equestrian Center (Sotira):
Contact number: 99 552016

Curium Equestrian Center (Curium):
Contact number: 99 564232

Artemis Riding Therapy (Avdimou):
Contact number: 99 900901

Akrotiri Riding Club (Akrotiri):
Contact number: 99 990423

Rural Escape (Pissouri):
Contact number: 99 958753