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Horseback riding

The imperious gallop of a proud horse, the power and the freedom one feels when riding on its back is a completely different way for one to get to know Limassol and have some exercise in the same time. Even if it is not among the most popular activities in Cyprus, Limassol does have some quite interesting options for those who want to practice horseback riding.

Schools and riding centers providing their services to the people, are located at the suburbs and the villages of Limassol district, where there is plenty of room to keep the horses in and allow a spacious area for training and touring with the horses. Both the western and the eastern Limassol have options for riding lessons, both for adults and children, beginners or not, as well as organized tours on horse backs, at the hills around Limassol, or right by the sea.

It is a totally unique experience, since the riders, apart from enjoying a great view and an amazing feeling on the horse, they also benefit from this special connection with the animal. After all, it is quite well-known that horseback riding can have a therapeutic effect for both children and adults. At the same time it is an excellent alternative way of exercising. 

The coast of the western Limassol, such as Curium and Avdimou, are great for beautiful rides on horses. The land around the beach, both the hills and the valleys, are a perfect setting for such an activity, while the views of the sunset and sunrise from the back of a horse is twice as delightful.

Riding schools and centers:

Curium Equestrian Center

Address: Curium beach road
Contact number: 99 564 232

Artemis Riding Therapy  

Address: B6, Avdimou
Contact number: 99 629 502

Moutagiaka Ranch

Address: Muttayaka (100 meters after the exit from the highway)
Contact number: 25 318 115, 99 437 515 

Amathus Park Riding & Livery Club

Address: Parekklisia village (around 3 km west to the village)
Contact number: 99 604 109

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