Holy Cross Church (Pelendri)

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The church of the Holy Cross in Pelendri village is one of the 10 churches of Cyprus included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites. Its unique historical value is mainly attributed to the murals covering the inside of the church.

The form of the church today is the result of many structural interventions over different periods. Its original form, a single-area temple with a dome, dates back to the mid-12th century.

The church was destroyed by unknown causes and only the Holy Step archway remains, which was incorporated into the new building. According to the inscription on the arch, the initial phase of mural painting dates back to 1171-1172. The mural painting continued in various phases until the 16th century. 

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It is thought that the church was once part of a cemetery, and the interior demonstrates signs of the time when the village belonged to a a family of Frankish aristocrats. 

The church is open to visitors Monday - Sunday. For information, you can call the numbers 99 909393 and 99 662286.