Holy Cross church (Kouka)

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One of the first monasteries of Limassol to ever operate, is located in the village of Kouka. Today, however, only the church of the Holy Cross is still standing, becoming a rare monument of architecture, due to the perfect cross-shaped building.

The creation of the monastery dates back to the years of St. Helen (4th century AD). The church of the Holy Cross, which survives to this day, dates back to the 12th century. Initially, in the middle of the cross there must have been a dome which was destroyed and replaced by a Gothic groin vault.

According to tradition, Kouka was one of the settlements in which Saint Helen left parts of the Holy Wood. These are still found in the old cross, which is kept in a special showcase inside the temple. Particularly impressive are the exceptional murals of the 12th - 14th century, still preserved inside the church.

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Next to the old cross of Kouka another cross with Holy Wood has been placed, which was donated to the church by Constantinos Loullis, a Greek businessman, who singled out the church due to its cross-like shape.