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Holy Cross chapel (Arakapas)

A chapel that has been forgotten and almost demolished, in the farming lands just outside Arakapas village (towards Kalo Chorio village) is still a mesmerizing view to those who happen to pass by there. Even though it is silent and secluded, the chapel of the Holy Cross is one of those monuments that are worth a second look.

It is a small, cross-shaped, stone-built chapel, which was probably constructed during the Byzantine era. The stone-built walls on 2 sides, south and west, have been completely ruined, just the roof is, too, even though one can still see half the dome above the altar. The signs of its abandonment are evident, but the beautifully made arches of its domes that still stand almost in perfect condition and the impressive, stone-built construction are still awe-inspiring.

Lately, the chapel has been used again, after several years. People came together in the open air, just next to its demolished walls, in front of the altar, for the evening service before the day of the great celebrations for the Holy Cross, on 13/7/2017. Thus, the forgotten chapel became once again a part of the regular activities of the life in Arakapas village.

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