Historic & Classic Motor Museum

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The Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum is a remarkable home for classic cars with highlights of their historical and emotional value.

Visitors can admire the museum’s eclectic collection of cars covering the period of the last century. The museum highlights the cultural importance of the development and growth of the automobile industry. The oldest car in the collection at the moment is a Ford “T” roadster from 1912.

The museum houses, among other, the armored presidential «Cadillac» donated by the U.S. government and built especially for the President Makarios III in 1977, the well known Mr Bean’s green «Mini» with the lock on the side and one of the Rover P5 cars of 1973 used by the “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher.

Telephone: 70009000
Address: Epimitheos, 3056, Limassol

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