Havouza of Limassol, a monument to the supply of water in the city!

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Havouza is the oldest of the 3 most noteworthy constructions in Limassol that relate to the city’s water supply, namely the Water Supply Board Pump, and the Water Tower, both of which have also been restored.

Havouza, built towards the end of the 19th century, comprises 2 stone-built, narrow spaces with vaulted ceilings. Located at a point of considerable elevation in relation to the city center, it acted as a water tank, collecting water from the mountains and channeling it through the city via cast iron pipes. The water initially reached community fountains, where it was collected by residents in jugs.

In 1996, the building was declared an ancient monument. The Limassol Water Supply Board, in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities, proceeded with its restoration and promotion. And so, this unique construction is now a space where one can visit and take a peek at a piece of history of the city’s water supply.


Havouza stopped being used once the city’s water supply was taken over by the Water Tower and the water pump.

Information: Christian Christou

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