Hantara waterfalls (Fini)

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A local legend of the mountains of Limassol claims that the goddess Aphrodite once lived in the Troodos forest, before relocating to Kouklia, Paphos, where she was worshipped like no other, with a brilliant temple dedicated to her. In fact, legend has it that Aphrodite used to bathe in the majestic Hantara waterfalls, near Fini village.

The scenery in this area is almost unreal. The waterfall emerges through a wild, virgin landscape of plane trees, pine trees and other species of local flora that create an atmosphere of delicious aromas. The water crashing from the 8 meter high cliff forms a small lake, which flows through sharp, volcanic rocks.

This heavenly scenery that looks to have come straight out of Eden, has inevitably led the locals to believe that the goddess of beauty would fit most perfectly within this environment. Thus, the legend that connected Aphrodite with the Troodos forest grew among the local community over the years. In fact, according to this legend, when the goddess bathed, the rain began to fall so heavily that the river current was so strong as to drag her along its estuaries, to the Paphos shore, close to Kouklia.