Gymnastics Park (Molos)

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The beautiful beachfront promenade of Molos is the pride of Limassol, with its 1km stretch of public walkways, wooden piers, green spaces, and an array of café restaurants making it a long-time favorite destination for families and groups of friends. Recently, part of the walkway has been upgraded with the creation of a gymnastics park featuring exercise equipment that is accessible to people with disabilities.

The new gymnastics park is located towards the end of the Molos promenade, near the Molos Amphitheater and the large pier overlooking the sea. It features many outdoor exercise machines, 5 of which are specially developed to allow easy access for people using a wheelchair, enabling them to work out safely and effectively. The entire area is clearly marked as being wheelchair accessible.

This initiative helps to create an inclusive community facility that encourages social interaction among the people of Limassol, and assists those who are less mobile to live a healthy lifestyle, exercising against the backdrop of the beautiful blue of the Limassol sea.

Just further down, one will also find the existing exercise park, featuring exercise equipment which has been enjoyed for a number of years by fitness enthusiasts looking to exercise by the sea and in the open air.  

The exercise machines have been available to the public for some years now. The new equipment was donated to the Limassol Municipality by the Rotary Club of Limassol Kourion and the inauguration took place in June 2019.