Sofroniou Coast (Governor's Beach)

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Sunbeds / Showers / Restrooms
Disabled Facilities
Τaverns / Restaurants

A large and quiet bay, with fine sand and crystal clear waters, this Limassol coast is the epitome of family beach. Located approximately 20 minutes from the city centre, the beach forms the westernmost part of Governor’s Beach, a clearance between the white rocks that comprise the area.

For locals, the beach is also known as Sophroniou Beach, due to the eponymous restaurant that has been operating there for many decades. The restaurant’s existence largely determined the character of the beach, as its visitors often combine their swim with food, or coffee. The options for food and drink have increased along with the addition of various restaurants and cafés / bars that offer their services there.

The shallow sea, lifeguard supervision, facilities for the people with mobility difficulties, and sunbeds that are available there make the beach a convenient destination for anyone. Many accommodation options are available close to this beach for those who want to spend their holidays in the area.

Contact numbers
Sofroniou Beach Restaurant: 25 632312
Thalassa Restaurant: 25 632314
Faros Fish Tavern: 25 632552