'Glaros' fish tavern: A historic fish tavern in Limassol, with a tradition of 40+ years!

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For many people in Limassol, the name of 'Glaros' fish tavern is associated with mouthwatering fish and seafood meze.

Its history began in 1977, right by the sea, where the Limassol Marina is today, and it continues the same tradition to this day in its new location, near the New Port.

Vassilis entered this business when he was just a kid and today, as an adult and a family man, continues with the same passion and care to offer dishes that stand out to the guests' taste.

Thus, in 2019, a beautiful hangout with a large terrace, decorated in blue and white, was set up. Apart from the welcoming and warm environment, the main reason why 'Glaros' is an adored choice in its new location, is its fresh fish and seafood.

Address: Indira Gandhi 31
Contact number: 99 357049