'Glaros' fish tavern: A historic fish tavern in Limassol returns to the sea after many years!

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For many people in Limassol, the name of the fish tavern ‘Glaros’ is synonymous with the delicious flavor of well-made fish and seafood meze. Its story begins in 1977, when it first opened next to the Limassol sea, in the area where the Limassol Marina is now situated. The tavern continues the same tradition to this day, in its new location, near the New Port.

Vasilis entered this line of work when he was young and now, as an adult and family man, he still puts the same amount of love and care in the food he prepares, which is what makes the tavern’s dishes stand out. The family, originally from Varosi in Famagusta, started this business soon after the Turkish invasion in 1974, when they fled their home and found refuge in Limassol. Leaving behind a familiar sea, they seized the opportunity to create new bonds with a different one, thus preserving the aromas and flavors among which they were raised.

The tavern first opened in the area where the Limassol Marina is now situated and remained there for more than 30 years, making it one of the most well-known dining venues in Limassol. Though it moved to the historical city center for a while, Vasilis’ aim was to make his way back to the sea.


And so, in 2019, he found a peaceful location, with a view of the New Port, where he set up a beautiful venue with a large terrace, decorated in blue and white. The fresh fish and seafood offered in the tavern every single day, both for lunch and dinner, may be the main reason for people’s enthusiasm, but the welcoming and cozy environment is definitely a plus.

Address: 31, Indira Gandhi Street.
Contact numbers: 25 357046, 99 357049