Yermasoyia Reservoir

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The Yermasoyia reservoir was constructed in 1968 above the Amathos River, the estuary of which is located on Limassol coast. The dirt-built tank, at a height of 49 meters, can hold up to 13,500,000 cubic meters of water.

Located just 10 minutes from the Limassol city center, the Yermasoyia dam is a popular destination for walks, exercise and general pastime. It attracts fishing enthusiasts and also hosts a variety of sporting activities, such as canoeing.

The biotope that was created around the perimeter of the dam is host to rich flora that allows visitors the opportunity to enjoy a walk in beautiful, natural surroundings, especially in the months of winter and spring. The area also welcomes migratory birds during specific times of the year.

The Yermasoyia Reservoir overflowed on 20 January 2019, giving an optimistic outlook to the rest of the year’s water supply, and turning the surrounding area a lush green.