Germasogeia Farmer's Market

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An open-air market has been operating in the Mesovounia area, on hill near the traditional center of Germasogeia, offering local seasonal produce every week of every season.

The Farmer’s Market was the brainchild of a young woman who realized that there was a lack of choice in the area, despite the richness and quality of products produced on Cypriot soil. Countries such as England, on the other hand, where she had completed her studies, frequently held such farmer’s markets for selling local produce.

With a strong belief in the variety and value of Cypriot products, this municipal market was set up in an organized, well-thought out space, following the standards of open-air markets that operate abroad. In reality, of course, the Germasogeia public market has revived a Cypriot tradition, wherein producers are given the opportunity to market their products to the public without intermediaries, and the public can find fresh produce at low prices.

The market offers seasonal produce, traditional products from small craftsmen, as well as flowers, plants, antiques and much more.

The Farmer's Market is open on Saturdays 7:00 - 13:00.

Address: 2 Rigainis Street
Contact number: 99 114694