Garyllis Park (Kato Polemidia)

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A few meters south of the Limassol highway, near the Polemidia roundabout, one will encounter a beautiful park surrounded by greenery, featuring a playground, sports facilities and a café. It is the starting point of the linear park that was constructed along the Garyllis River, which ends up near the sea, just a few meters from the Limassol Marina.

This particular spot was designed in a way that makes it an ideal destination for the entire family, for all seasons and all hours of the day. Facilities for entertainment, exercise and relaxation for all ages are located on the 2 banks of the river, and the infrastructure is also accessible to people with disabilities.

The park offers a variety of options for visitors looking to pass their time, including walkways, kiosks, benches, a playground and a mini-football area. Beyond these activities, one can also simply enjoy the unique view from the beautiful bridge that joins the 2 river banks, or stop for a drink, coffee or snack at the café.

During the Spring season, the many advantages of this special spot are multiplied, as the river overflows with greenery, and the variety of endemic plants fill the air with their scents.