Fotini Bakery: The shop with the famous brunch and homemade delicacies, has come to town!

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The shop with the famous brunch, which turned the traditional flavors of our place into a trend again, came down from the village to the city, to be closer to the people who have come to love it.

With persistence on quality and handmade products, but also adhering to the warm hospitality, Fotini’s family from Omodos have showcased ‘arkatena’ buns, homemade jams and fanciful pies, in flavors that evoke memories in the old and win the impressions of the young.


The entire product range is found in the new shop of Agias Fylaxeos street, where one can receive the full package of the traditional brunch for home, new tasty surprises, aromatic coffee and fresh juices, while a tempting delicatessen is being set up, to enrich the options provided.

Address: Agias Fylaxeos 133B