Fotini Arkatena: A space with tasty surprises and brunch with traditional Omodhos 'arkatena' bread!

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When local traditions are passed on from generation to generation and are kept intact over the years, young people remain in touch with their roots and at the same time, draw inspiration for original ideas that highlight the island’s past. This has been the case in Omodos, where the tradition of the arkatena bread has passed onto a new era.

One of the oldest workshops specializing in the art of the arkateno (bread fermented with chickpea yeast, which gives it a special aroma and flavor) recently opened a space in the center of the village, with the aim of presenting the breads of grandma Fotini in new and creative ways. Her children and grandchildren, having learned her art, also learned to love this flavor. They thus set up a new little shop in the village side streets, where they offer visitors the classic bread, as well as imaginative variations and modern combinations.

The arkateno is now accompanied by marmalade, chocolate praline and dried nuts, creating a unique combination for breakfast and brunch, which is offered on weekends at this little shop, along with aromatic coffee. Besides the arkatena, the shop also offers homemade sweets, such as ladyfingers, apple pie, cheese pies, and a variety of cakes, as well as homemade halloumi pie. All of these, along with the village halloumi, handmade jam and fruits, make up the platters that are prepared for the village breakfast at Omodos.

Contact number: 99 284201