Forsos tavern: Α famous kitchen in Limassol operating under some artisan butchers!

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So, this is what happens when a family of artisan butchers opens its own tavern. Alluring smells come out of the kitchen and the table are filled with dishes that leave their mark on people’s palate and memory.

Just a few minutes outside Limassol, in the center of Moutayiaka village, Forsos tavern makes traditional delicacies for over 3 decades, which have made an impression with their taste. It is not just a popular dining destination, but it is in fact a tavern with lots of enthusiastic fans in the city, as well as in the rest of the island (and even abroad). Keeping their own butchery until a few years ago, the members of the family that owns and runs the tavern have in their command all the secrets and the art of grilling meat properly.

At the same time, a large tavern just a few meters from the tavern, is the main supplier for the kitchen, providing all-fresh raw material for any meze to have the rich and authentic flavour anyone loves. As for the dish that cannot be missing from a dinner, made with the mother’s secret recipe, the meatballs are listed very high among people’s favorites.

The restored, stone-built house, decorated with items referring to the agricultural tradition of this land, and the green yard are extra reasons from anyone to plan a visit at this tavern.

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