Folia tou Koukou: A grocery store tavern in the center of Limassol evokes beautiful memories!

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For years, this landmark building on the historical Agiou Andreou Street has been a meeting place for lovers of traditional flavors and memories of the city’s past.

‘Folia tou Koukou’ is a small kitchen – meze tavern, which carries the tradition of the grocery store tavern into the 21st century. This type of eatery was particularly popular in the mid-20th century. The place itself is a time machine, with shelves covering the walls that are filled with food and other items typical of an old neighborhood grocery store (all of which are available for sale).

Aside from its image, which was upgraded in 2021 under the care of the 2 siblings who run the business, the menu also pay homage to the venue’s nostalgic identity. Lunchtime offerings comprise 2-3 homemade, Cypriot dishes (with each portion accompanied by traditional side dishes such as salads and olives). In the evenings, the little tavern serves small meze dishes that are ideal for accompanying wine, beer, and zivania, serving as ‘fuel’ for happy evenings.

Address: Agiou Andreou 228
Contact number: 97 682003