Fishing by the shore

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The Limassol coastline near the city center as well as by the countryside offers dozens of beaches and small fishing harbors that are ideal for people interested in surf fishing.

The docks that are located along the Limassol coastline (at the Old Port, the seafront park and in the Enaerios area) are some of the most popular destinations for (mainly amateur) fishermen in Limassol. They are easily accessible and welcome fishermen both at night and during the day (thanks to the ample lighting in the area), offering accommodating benches and railings to lean against while waiting for the fish to bite. As such, dozens of fishermen flock to these spaces year-round.

Large, open beaches that are relatively shallow and have sandy shorelines are also a main point of attraction for seasonal fishermen. Those who seek more isolated, quiet spots head to the area west of the Limassol Marina, towards Karnagio, to the Parekklisia beach, or to the shores of Governor’s Beach and Agios Georgios Alamanos, as well as to the fishing harbors in Moni and Akrotiri.

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Sea bream, sea bass, sand steenbras, and even smaller fish are the types usually caught in the Limassol waters. Sea bream is typically found in spring and autumn when the fish make their way closer to the shore, as well as during the sunny days of winter, or the Halcyon days (the mini-summer of January). The sand steenbras is found in sandy beaches, of which there are many in Limassol.

Sea bass can be found year-round, though winter fishermen usually have better luck. Sea bass is generally found in harbors, or in beaches that are located near small or large harbors or near rivers. Of course, the operation of fish farms in the Limassol waters helps increase their population, and the periods during which the fish escape the farms into the open water are always cause for celebration for the city’s fishermen.

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