Finikaria Picnic Site

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Hidden in the foothills of the semi-mountainous region of Limassol, the Finikaria picnic area offers the opportunity for closer contact with nature, at just a small distance from the city. Among the advantages of the area, apart from the view towards the hills and plains beyond, is its short distance from the Yermasoyia dam.

The area is paved with pebbles and soil and is fully equipped with benches, restrooms, wooden tables, a children's play area and space to light a fire for barbecuing. Its construction was completed in 2016, which means that all its facilities are in very good condition.

A short distance away, one will find the circular nature trail which passes above the Yermasoyia dam. As such, the picnic site offers a great opportunity for short nature escapes, within an environment boasting an interesting variety of endemic flora and fauna.

The park offers opportunities for visitors to relax, gazing out at the image created by the dam's artificial lake among the nearby hills. This image is especially beautiful in the months following the heavy winter rains.