Phini Tavern: A space with an idyllic atmosphere and traditional flavors in the village!

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Locafed just a few steps from the central square of Phini village, this little tavern enjoys  wonderful views of the Phiniotis River gorge, creating an idyllic corner for enjoying an outdoor meal.

The homonymous tavern in Phini, which has an on-going tradition since 1983, is a destination that combines a picturesque location with a traditional atmosphere and flavors from Cypriot cuisine.

The space  features a large fireplace in its dining area and a welcoming terrace with a view. This way, it is just as pleasant in the winter months as it is in the summer.

The menu features Cypriot meze with characteristic dishes, such as kleftiko, moussaka, stuffed vine leaves and various meats. Guests can also opt for roast trout, which is farmed in the area.

Address: Phini Village
Contact number: 25 421828