Filippos Yiapanis Sculpture Museum

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North of the city of Limassol, near the village of Fasoula, one will find the sculpture museum of self-taught sculptor, Filippos Yiapanis. The Famagusta refugee created his own art refuge, as a symbol of his return to his home.

It is built across a large expanse of land south of the village, and includes the amphitheater 'Mikri Salamina', the 'Gymnasium' and the contemporary 'Art Nest' museum. The area is surrounded by carved stones, which are reminiscent of the walls of Kyrenia and Famagusta, interspersed with impressive sculptures.


A mezzanine level hosts a cafeteria, bar, and exhibition space, allowing panoramic views of the sculptures on the ground floor.

The museum frequently hosts charity concerts as well as many other events. 

Address: Agias Paraskevis Street, Fasoula
Contact number: 99 681177