Fasoula Viewpoint

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 Located just 10 minutes from the city of Limassol, this little-known destination is one of the most charming spots for all who love the countryside. It’s a place where one can go to instantly calm their soul, thanks to its distance from the noise of the city, which can be observed in panoramic view from the viewpoint.

The road that passes through the village of Fasoula leads to the edge of the hill, upon which the village is built, and which overlooks the city and sea of Limassol, as well as the hills and plains in between. A cozy bench is situated there, welcoming those who wish for a short escape to simply sit and enjoy the wonderful view.

Surrounded by shrubs and low trees, seasonable herbs and arable land, the viewpoint is the ideal location for those seeking a short getaway to the countryside that’s not too far from the city. The landscape reaches its peak glory during the spring, when all the hillsides turn green, but it is just as charming in the autumn and the winter.

During spring time, the blooming almond trees on the sides of the road leading to the view point, create a unique scenery.