Estrella Limassol: The dining temptation, turns towards a healthy menu!

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The ultimate all-day brunch concept restaurant, which became the talk of the town in October 2017 upon its opening in Limassol, seems to have decided to show some mercy and turn to a healthy version of dishes, made just as delicious and imaginative. The new menu, with tasty surprises for lighter and nutritious meals, is so rich, as to compete with the “sinful” options that Estrella became famous for.

Following the trend of a better diet, this new collection of dishes has been designed especially for those who want to eat proper and healthy meals, as well as those who have chosen a vegetarian diet. The 18 new dishes sure are the ones you will try with less regrets than ever.

This new menu includes from a smoothie bowl (yogurt with homemade granola, red fruits, honey and cinnamon), oat pancakes and white, oven omelette, to a falafel or veggie burger with whole wheat bun, avocado toast with black, flat bread, quinoa salad and whole-wheat pizza or waffle. All of these dishes are just as colourful and rich, full of scents that prove they can compete and win a competition with most tempting ones.

For those who will not be moved from their original favourites, the menu will also have even more temping dishes, like the red croissant and the salty caramel pancakes.

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