Epsilon Resto Bar: Limassol's blue balcony that has made an impression!

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The blue balcony that stands out at the Limassol Marina has, since 2016, been one of the most popular culinary destinations in the city. It is one of those restaurants that makes it hard for you to decide whether the menu or the venue itself is more tempting. It is thus no surprise that Epsilon Resto Bar has been awarded a number of distinctions since it first opened its doors.

The semi-circular balcony offers breathtaking views of the sea and the anchored vessels at the Limassol Marina, while the other side of its elegant dining room overlooks the pool of Sanctum Spa. Every corner, from the indoor area and the cozy veranda boasting modern furniture and decorations, to the aquarium set against the wooden wall as well as its stunning wine collection, demonstrates that Epsilon is the result of careful and loving design, with much attention paid to detail.

Its menu perfectly complements this unique environment, with tantalizing offerings based on authentic Mediterranean dishes with an international fusion twist. The brunch menu also holds some unique surprises, with dishes especially designed to offer the best of a meal that combines the advantages of breakfast and lunch. The dessert list has some amazing sweet temptations, with the chocolate tower being one of its most stunning options.

On weekend evenings, this venue also offers downtempo entertainment, with the Dj spinning tunes by the full service bar with an extensive list of wines and cocktails.


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