Akapnou Venetian Bridge

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In the village of Akapnou (northwest of the community, at a distance of approximately 300 meters away from the center of the village) is a well-preserved, Venetian stone bridge, one of the most beautiful nature attractions in the District of Limassol. The monument, combined with the rich natural vegetation and the gurgling of the stream, enchant its visitors.

It is one of many bridges built on the island, facilitating the connection between cities and villages. The foundations of the stone road that led passers-by to and from Akapnos are still there, to this day.

The 2 arches (or bows) are a very prominent feature of the bridge, one pointed and the other of a semicircular shape. Usually, the Venetians would build bridges with 1 arch, with the exception of the specifis bridge of Akapnos and Trimiklini. The "Arkajin of Rigena" is located nearby, where according to tradition, Rigena, persecuted by the Saracens, fell from her horse and died.

Tip: Access to the particular area as well as the bridge is easy, since it is about 100 meters away from the dirt road, from where visitors can park their cars.