Donkey Farm in Apesha

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Less than half an hour away from the city of Limassol, in the village of Apesha, there is a farm that preserves some of the island’s oldest traditions. It acts as a home for the many amiable local donkeys that have been providing the residents of Cyprus with years of toil and service.

The Donkey Farm in Apesha is a space where both young and old can delight in meeting the Cypriot donkeys, and learning about all the benefits of donkey milk. The farm, which raises 100+ animals of this protected species, also offers donkey rides within its rural environment.

Apart from donkey milk, the visitors can also taste other traditional products, such as carob products and homemade sweets. The space has been specially adapted to host events, while its on-site tavern serves traditional dishes to visitors. The poolside area is ideal for relaxing with a coffee or a meal.