Psilo Dentro: By the river, surrounded by plane trees and the sound of nightingales!

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By now, it is more than just a restaurant, but rather, a landmark spot within the Limassol mountains. Hidden behind plane and oak trees, this restaurant is a family business that is now in its 4th decade of operation, and it has become synonymous with delightful moments under the rich, green foliage, and by the cooling river stream.

Psilo Dentro is a point of reference for visitors to Platres, as it is also the starting point for the nature trails of Caledonia and Pouziaris, as well as 2 other cycling trails. Thus, the restaurant–trout fish farm has become a favorite destination for coffee, snacks, desserts or meals, both before and after nature explorations.

The restaurant began operations in its current format in 1979. The trout fish farm facilities were established then, providing fresh fish daily from the water straight to the charcoal grill. Beyond dining, traditional, Cypriot coffee prepared in hot sand, as well as the sweets on the menu, are both additional reasons to visit the restaurant. Every day, there is a fresh batch of “kleftiko” (lamb slowly roasted in a traditional oven) on offer, as well as seasonal legume dishes, available for dining in or take away.

Extra tip: Those who know best will tell you that the best way to eat the trout is with its skin on, since all the beneficial Omega 3 fats are found there, while the grilling makes it extra crispy and tasty.

Just 1 km away from the restaurant, there is a small path through the woods that leads to the rock of Agia Irene, which offers panoramic views of Platres and the surrounding areas (see pictures from the view of the rock here).

When planning a visit during the weekend or with a large group of people, it is advised that you make a reservation prior to your arrival.

Address: Aedonion 13
Contact number: 25 813 131

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