Despotiki Lake (Akrotiri)

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In a land of 10.000 square meters, at an easy distance of less than 15 kilometers from the Limassol city, an unexpected oasis consists a small miracle of nature. A lake counting the same years as the Republic if Cyprus has managed to create all around an ecosystem of global significance, while the beauty of the landscape is rather unique for the island Cyprus.

Despotiki Lake is located at the Akrotiri peninsula, at Agios Nicolaos Farm, which belongs to the Bishop of Limassol. It is an artificial lake, which was constructed in 1960 to allow the watering of the surrounding plantations and it has been sourcing water from the Kouris dam.

Around this artificial lake, a rather rich, natural ecosystem has been established. After all, the lake with a 10-meter depth, is a reinforcement for the water supply of the area and consists the southernmost deposit of fresh water on the island, which makes it an ideal station for migrating birds.

The lake is quite close to the monastery of Agios Nicolaos, in an area where green is present even during the summer months, which makes the location an interesting alternative for a trip in the nature, while exploring the monuments of the island, too.

The lake provides all the needed food for the fauna that finds refuge in the area. Despotiki Lake has a record of visits from over 50 kind of birds, of which some are permanently staying in the area, some prey, and 43 are migrating. Out of this total, 10 kinds of birds are protected from extinction. The lovers of these rare species have actually included the lake among their destinations and some may travel a long way from abroad to explore it.

Extra tip: To get to the lake, you should follow the way to Kolossi, from the Limassol - Paphos motor way. The lake is located at about a 10-minute drive from Kolossi Castle, south to the Akrotiri Salk Lake.

Source (information and photos): Archives of The Cyprus Environmental Research and Education Center  

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