Dasoudi Beach (CTO)

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Dasoudi beach is situated in the heart of the Limassol tourist area, 'nestled' inside the small forest of the same name. It is the only beach in Cyprus which, despite its proximity to the city center, is also close to rich greenery that reaches all the way down to the sandy coast.

The dining and recreational facilities offered by this beach make it a beloved destination for thousands of people. The restaurant operates throughout the day for anyone wishing to enjoy coffee, drinks or a proper meal right by the sea. Families with young children visit this beach regularly, as the water is not particularly deep, making it suitable for small children to play safely in the water, and there is a large, modern play area next to the restaurant.

The forested area, featuring paved paths all across the length of the beach, has established Dasoudi beach as a very popular location for all kinds of activities. Thus, from summer to winter and from day to night, this area is always vibrant and busy, visited by people of all ages. Additionally, the trees which reach all the way down to the sand make a great shady alternative for those who don’t have an umbrella.


The beach is the ideal destination for morning jogs or walks, followed by a refreshing swim right after, with the golden light of the sunrise on the water. A sunset visit is just as idyllic, as a stroll on the sand offers some amazing views. 

Find here more information about the play area right next to the beach.

Water sports

Park Beach Water Sports: Located approximately 400 meters west of CTO beach in Dasoudi, Park Beach Water Sports offers both intense and more relaxing recreational activities in the water, from rides on a jet ski and parasailing, to kayaking and whatever else strikes your fancy (contact number: 99 665 980).

The Spot Windsurf: A place specialized in windsurfing equipment rental and storage, located 200 meters east of the CTO beach in Dasoudi. It also offers classes by windsurfing champion Michalis Malekkides (contact number: 97 64 04 64).

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