Daphne - Zaraes - Mazokambos Nature Trail (Moniatis)

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In the heart of the Moniatis community in the Limassol mountains, one finds a trail full of greenery. The linear Daphne - Zaraes - Mazokambos trail starts from the medieval church of Archangel Michael and reaches the area of Mazokambos, on the Moniatis - Platres road.

In the first 500 meters, the path crosses a stream that ends up in the Kouris River. Pedestrians will cross the wooden bridge and move north, towards the old olive mill and the former Turkish Cypriot quarter.

As they leave the little streets of the village behind , the museum and a stone bridge, they will ascend upon a route with lush vegetation.

The route is uphill, but it’s certainly worth it due to the wonderful images and aromas of trees and herbs of Cypriot nature.