Cyta footbridge

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The imposing Cyta footbridge is a continuation of the large ramp that leads to the existing underground platform of the sports park, built at the eastern point of the platform and ends up on a very thin platter that acts as a balcony on the beach. A circular staircase and a glass elevator were placed inside the platform.

The elevator is illuminated in the evening and operates as a large lighted flooring on the beach, while in its glass walls is the Cyta logo, which is the main sponsor of the project. With a small widening of the pedestrian promenade, the lift and the circular staircase lead the visitor to the coastal pedestrian street, thus linking the paths into the park, by walking along the Olympian Coast.

The bridge on the coastal front of Limassol is the work of architect Margarita Danou, and connects the athletic park of GSO with the Olympian Coast. The official inauguration of the project was carried out in 2015, and since then the footbridge has not gone unnoticed, making the walkers and the passers-by on the coastal road turning their heads.

At the same time, this bridge has been represented in the Pan-European Competition "Mies Van Der Rohe", which highlights new architectural works and technologies for the 2015 awards, which honors both Limassol and the whole Cyprus.

Apart from its architectural side, the pedestrian bridge also has other features, such as the love locks. Love, and the phenomenon that has spread all over the world, have found shelter on the footbridge for quite some time.

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