CUT Student Halls: An impressive project that sets new standards for Limassol!

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An impressive project of great importance to Limassol has recently been given the green light. This modern dormitory complex is the first step in the development of the third phase of the CUT in the former Berrengaria settlement, northwest of the city.  

The long-abandoned settlement is about to undergo a radical facelift, welcoming a new hub of life and activity. Architectural office E. Papachristou LLC undertook the design of the building, creating spaces that will serve as accommodation as well as socialization areas for the entire student and academic community.

The main square of the project has a starring role as the central hub of the CUT development in the area, which will be completed in stages. The square will act as a meeting place and space to host activities, and will encourage lively exchanges of experiences and knowledge, all of which contribute to a rich and lively community.

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3D presentation of the project by the Fat Tony Studio and the Rendergram Studio.

In addition to the green spaces and the different levels created by the stairs in the square, the dormitory buildings will also form additional covered spaces for public use.