Crispy pork leg at 'Kir Yiannis', an irresistible meze in the Limassol countryside!

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Village, wine and good meze are a particularly enjoyable combination, made even more charming when combined with warm hospitality and smiling faces. This is the recipe for success behind the fame of ‘Kir Yiannis’ tavern in Omodos village, with its special menu item, the crispy pork leg, making waves for good reason.

‘Kotsi’, the pork leg masterfully cooked in the oven for 6 hours, is a tasty combination of crispy skin that crackles when broken, and tender, deliciously flavored meat that melts in the mouth. The dish is served on a special wooden platter, accompanied by a special commandaria sauce, which highlights the meat’s flavor perfectly.

The unique presentation of the dish, with juicy chicken souvlaki surrounding the meat, truly make it the crowning glory of the table. Thus, this special meze of Mediterranean aromas that is perfectly accompanied by the red wine for which Omodos has been famous since ancient times, becomes the center of everyone’s attention and delight, bringing friends and family at the table even closer.

The sauce accompanying the meat has become so popular that it led to the decision to bottle it and sell it at the tavern’s cava, (along with other traditional products and a selection of local wines).


Contact number: 70 000100