Clelia Tower: A building with 'hanging' gardens, a modern proposal for Limassol!

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An architectural competition for a new residential development in Limassol has resulted in a proposal for a uniquely interesting building featuring hanging gardens. This design was proposed by Dutch architectural firm NL Architects, with the belief that our city is the ideal space to host a building that is literally overflowing with greenery.

The project is called Clelia Tower and it involves the construction of a complex of luxurious apartments of approximately 300 sq. m. each. The uniqueness of this proposal is due to its additional structures, which are approximately 50 sq. m and added to the main core of the building. These are meant to be used as green areas, and can also host kidney-shaped pools or Jacuzzis. With these add-ons, the structure takes on an eye-catching sculptural form.

The hanging gardens are designed with a mechanism that stores rainwater in hidden containers that is then used to water the plants as needed. The slender tower is located on a large plot of land that allows for a generous natural setting, as thanks to the modest footprint of the building, the landscape gets center stage. The ground floor features a spacious lobby that includes a gallery and a bar / restaurant. A wellness domain is located on the first floor, and offers space for medical, fitness and meditation facilities.

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