Church of the Holy Trinity

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Right in the center of Limassol, near the historical Agiou Andreou Street, and just a few steps from the Columbia Plaza, stands the majestic church of the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada). Its imposing stature and opulent interior have made this church a true landmark in the area, and a popular choice for many nuptials and baptisms.

Though its impressive size and large courtyard take up a large expanse of space, in its place once stood a much more humble little chapel, known as the Chapel of Chrysoroyiatisa. This was built in 1866 and fell under the jurisdiction of the Agia Napa parish. It was eventually demolished, and in 1922, construction began for the Holy Trinity Church as it stands today, which was designed by the architect Zacharias Vondas from Corfu, who has also designed many other projects in the city (including some classic mansions and the Municipal Market of Limassol).

The church was completed in 1938, with the help of a 50 pound donation by the Limassol Muncipality – considered to be a large sum for the time. The church itself is built in the style of cross - shaped temple with a dome, and its exterior is clad with ornate white stone. It features 2 bell towers on the northern and southern side of the church, as well as 3 entrances, facing north, south, and west. The interior of the church is quite striking, featuring walls that are almost fully covered by remarkable frescoes, and a deep, red carpet running all along the pulpit, adding to its regal image.