Church of Saint Anastasia Farmakolytria

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Near the Pano Polemidia settlement, on a hill overlooking the entire city of Limassol, stands the church of Agia Anastasia Farmakolytria. This temple, which dates back to medieval times, is of particular historical and architectural interest.

The church bears 2 irregular domes, which are a result of the destruction and alterations they have endured over the years. Inside the building, the depth created by the cylindrical domes create a grand atmosphere, despite the relatively small size of the temple. In 1995, the Department of Antiquities performed a partial restoration of the damaged southern wall after locating its initial foundations.  

The temple was once entirely frescoed. Today, only a few frescoes remain in recognizable condition, some of which are the oldest of their kind that still survive in Cyprus. The 4 spherical triangles depicted the Evangelists, of which only Mark remains. Among the surviving frescoes are ones that depict the reenactments of Panagia Eleousa and Christ, Saint George and his martyrs, Saint Antonios, Saint Mamas, the Baptism, the Atonement, Candlemas, and the Metamorphosis. The temple’s frescoes date back to the late 14th century.

Information: A. Foulias, Theologist – Byzantologist