Chrysosotiros Chapel (Vouni)

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On the road towards the village of Vouni, on the western part of the mountainous region of Limassol, there is a quiet little chapel that enjoys a unique view of the surrounding slopes. Built on a small hill, just a few kilometers from the village, the chapel of Chrysosotiros becomes a pole of attraction for visitors in the summer, due to its traditional festival which takes place in its outdoor courtyard.

The rectangular, vaulted building of the small church is located in the center of a large, stone-paved courtyard, surrounded by benches and trees with rich foliage. The space is thus particularly welcoming to visitors, who can sit on the eastern side of the church and admire the panoramic view of the surrounding area. The configuration of the church, as well as its location, make the chapel of Chrysosotiros a popular destination for baptisms or other ceremonies with a small number of guests.

Each year, on 6th August, the day of the Transfiguration of the Savior, a large festival is held in this space, with many faithful visitors arriving from all across Cyprus. The day is defined by religious traditions as the only day when one can relax from the strict fasting period prior to 15th August, and the consumption of fish is permitted.

The neighboring tavern, ‘To Vouniotiko,’ is a space often frequented by church visitors for food or drinks.