Christmas in Limassol, in the 80's and today!

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Social Life
Tradition and Customs

The Christmas season was celebrated with great excitement at the past decades, with many preparations, both in the countryside and in the city. A special decoration, however, was observed at the busiest areas of Limassol and especially in the city center.

Back in the 1980’s, Anexartisias Street, with lively and fast rhythms, was one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the city. Thus, on Christmas holidays, used to adopt a cheerful character, with many ornaments, lights and a special festive decoration. Above all, the element that was greatly distinguished, was undoubtedly the big Christmas tree in the square of the District Administration, which consisted of a real tree (fir tree) and impressed with its brilliance and height.

The Limassolians used to welcome the festive view of the city and they were also enjoying the Christmas season. As a custom, they used to celebrate the New Year's Eve at the cinemas. At the time, the cinemas, due to the holidays, were having 2 performances each night, while at the end they were drawing a turkey, as the great gift that the winner would take to enjoy, as well as various other gifts, such as whiskey.

Also, at that time, the rebellion at nightlife venues was not greatly spread yet. This habit prevailed most among the wealthiest families of the time, while most of the inhabitants preferred the friendly gatherings and the homely warmth.

Today, although the spirit of Christmas is celebrated with the same enthusiasm, several things have changed, both in the celebrations and in the decoration of the city. Nowadays, Anexaritisas Street, with more traffic and more commerce character, has an equally wonderful decoration, preserving its big tree (which is not a real one anymore), while the whole of Grigoris Afxentiou Square is transformed by lightings, Santa’s workshop and Christmas kiosks, into a wonderful festive setting.

Information: Titos Kolotas
Photos: Lemesou Mnimes, Manos Botrini

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