Chaplin's Bar: The vintage bar that brought friends together and left its mark on Limassol!

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In 2009, Limassol’s historical city center had little to no traffic, and after dark, the area would become became rather inhospitable for people to move freely. Before students began spilling into Limassol, filling up the city with their vibrancy, Petros, a young man from Limassol, made a decision that for the time was both daring and smart. He opened a small bar, just the way he and his own friends would have liked it to be for casual daily evenings out. Almost 10 years later, and Chaplin’s is one of the most popular spots in the city.

Petros was not afraid to try something difficult, something which most people warned him against, and he eventually achieved something that was at first embraced by all his friends and then by the hundreds of visitors, both from Limassol and beyond. The idea of bar that is open 7 days a week, offering a relaxed and warm atmosphere, playing beloved rock hits, and serving cold beer and whiskey, was one that ticked the preference boxes of many people, of all ages.

The friendly street urchin, played by Charlie Chaplin in his films, became the bar’s trademark, while its identity was completed with the addition of vintage furniture (the result of a joint effort among friends of the bar, who would occasionally procure items which they thought would suit the ambience of the space. ‘The people made the bar what it is today,’ Petros says, referring to the love people have shown through their assistance with its décor, and with the gifts and souvenirs they would bring with them. ‘The people who frequent Chaplin’s have become a large group of friends over the years, and they warmly welcome everyone who visits the shop,” Petros says.

Chaplin’s remains open throughout summer and winter, though in the winter it opens from 3 pm onwards, offering the option for early drinks with light bites from a quality kitchen in the area.

Address: 13, Saripolou street
Contact number: 99 604464