Chapel of Saints Riginos and Orestis (Fasoula)

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The Chapel of Saints Riginos and Orestis is located at the entrance of Fasoula, in the middle of an area surrounded by tall trees. The chapel was built at the end of the 20th century, though the site also houses an ancient monument that is linked to the history of Saint Riginos on the island.

According to tradition, Saints Riginos and Orestis visited the island to teach Christianity. In the area oFasoula, they were captured by pagans and beheaded. Local Christians, however, secretly collected the sacred remains and buried them. The tomb is located in the spot where the chapel is built today.

The burial site is said to have been discovered when Saint Riginos appeared in the dream of a local village priest. It is believed that the area was also the tomb of a general, as wall paintings were also located there. The site was then placed under the protection of the Department of Antiquities.

Saint Riginos is considered to be the patron saint of Fasoula, and is celebrated every year on 20th August with a large festival. The chapel is often used for christenings.