Chapel of Saint Tychicus (Agia Fyla)

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In a location just north of the city of Limassol, one will find one of 3 chapels dedicated to Saint Tychicus, a resident of Asia Minor who made his way to Cyprus along with the first Apostles who preached Christianity to the island.

The now-abandoned church dates back to the 10th century and was built on the site of an Early Christian basilica from the 6th century. The building is designed as a four-pillared cruciform temple topped with a dome. What remains preserved today are sections of the foundation, with traces of frescoes on the walls.

Situated around the temple are deserted monastery building sites. It is likely that this area was the headquarters of the Neaoplis diocese, or it had been moved to this hill in order to protect it during the Arab crusades. In the area, near the ruins of the ancient temple, a new chapel was recently erected in honor of the saint, reminding residents of the passage of the apostles through their neighborhoods.