Chapel of Saint George (Fasoula)

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Southwest of the village of Fasoula, one may come across the small, abandoned chapel of Saint George. Not much of the little church remains standing today, other than the ruins of its stone-built foundation and outer walls, yet it is nevertheless an important religious artefact for the many faithful locals who visit it.

In religious tradition, Saint George has always been associated with farming communities, and is considered to be the patron saint of farmers and shepherds. As Fasoula has always been a farming village by trade, the saint and his little chapel hold a special place in the hearts of its residents, who continue to visit the chapel ruins to this day. A small alcove in one of the chapel’s standing walls houses an icon of Saint George, resting upon a stone, as well as a burning candle which the faithful visitors always ensure remains lit. The remains of secondary buildings are located near the chapel, which had once been used as lodgings for the monks caring for the chapel.  

The chapel’s picturesque location amid the rolling green hills of Fasoula can be a challenge to reach, though the village residents who frequent the central coffee shop are always happy to offer directions. It is accessible only via a dirt road and with vehicles suitable for off-road driving. Once there, however, you will be enchanted by the serenity of space, the beauty of the surroundings, as well as the quiet reverence inspired by the sanctity of the icon illuminated by the burning candle.